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No one there

Or, Life back to life
Or, March 27th

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Another window

Or, March 25th

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...my oh-so-dramatic announcement of a few days ago, that Delicate Subjective was going to change... Suffice it to say, for now, that this isn't the change.  Yes, today's a little different, but this wasn't what I was talking about.

Thoroughgoing change

I just have to say

...many thanks to Julia (studiojuliakay.com/portraitproject) for bringing the iPod touch into my life.  She is such a good influence on me!

Still in my first week as a Touch owner, and it's already been a fascinating and delightful experience.  Containing elements of both freedom and constraint.  That is, I feel more tethered to technology, in a weird way, but also liberated by having art tools always at my fingertip. 

The Great Wheel of the Dharma...books

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Difficult ways

Or, March 15th

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Positional wobble

Or, Finding one darts and stabs it
Or, March 14th

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lip gloss right at the moment

Or, March 13th

have I told you yet that nothing
matches?  the furniture in my small
room, but I mean that nothing
sings, things
have lost that bold uplift
that carries a voice.

we may not get the thing aligned,
entire, ever.  it is possible
to fret and wander in skeptical circles
til your feet wear way down into
what's already done.

instead, bless
waking up thinking nothing
can come to good.
in that moment you kiss 
foot to floor
set yourself down delicate
amid the unmatched,
wearing a pink
dress and red shoes.

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Let it live, in a sense

Or, Ugly points
Or, March 10th

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The short for please

Or, I'm not a native american speaker
Or, March 4th

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Or, March 3rd

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Somebody else's poem tonight

I have a funny feeling that Delicate Subjective is going to undergo a transformation.  I may be totally wrong.  But I suspect we are nearing the end of this incarnation.  I offer a poem by Abe no Nakamaro (698-770), a Japanese student of Zen who spent many years of his life in China.

Moon!  Moon!
I see you now above the vast field of blue waves.
So, you are the same moon
I looked at in my hometown of Kasuga,
Rising above Mikasa Mountain.
Though I have been getting older in this foreign land,
You still have the same beautiful face.

Normally, I would have taken a phrase from this poem for the phrase of the day.  Maybe "Getting older in this foreign land," or "The same beautiful face."  When I read the poem for the first time today, I immediately picked out both of those as possible titles of the day.  But a shifting is going on below the surface, and I don't think we can carry on as before.  The fact that today is Without Photo does not necessarily signal the end of the world.  I hope it signals the beginning of a new one.

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