Monday, September 14, 2009

Trying so no

Or, September 14th
The poetry element of this blog has been in hibernation. Going to try writing some haikus every day. Check out Tricycle's cool new haiku corner.

the heavy statue
stands all day holding the door
so light can come in

seventieth birth-
day something's needed— peaches
deep in pie's warm nest

every morning this
bag of pastries is reborn
its breath butter-sweet

weathered bookstore door
used to stand and look for you
who won't ever come

same old book without
the same old cover doesn't
feel like same old book

your bicycle is
the best bicycle! here, hold
my heart while I ride


Julia Kay said...

I like the haikus alot!
(actually yours says carasta but I just commented on someone else's blog and liked tarlipsa so much it reminded me to come check out what you've been doing!)

Unknown said...

I wondered if there was a response to one of these:

He walked the narrow
streets to the bookstore, many
times, full of longing.

Maybe the title is something like, "Synchronous Misses" or "Near Misses" or something like that :-)